The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe – Read and Summarize

Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, “The Black Cat” is shared below for you to read online and then summarize, in your own words, in the comments section below.
You are encouraged to read this powerful short story carefully and then summarize the key elements of the story in the comments section below so that you can improve your English comprehension skills and help others do the same.

Did you enjoy reading the short story “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe? Share your summary of the story in the comments section below.

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  1. In this story, Edgar Allan Poe tell us about a man who lived with his wife and some pets but he liked most a black cat. The man turned into an alcoholic but the cat loved him. One day the man killed the cat and some days later his house burned and he had to moved into an old one. He found and adopted another black cat. One day he was very drunk and tried to killed the cat but he murdered his wife instead. When the police arrived to investigate the crime they found the corpse because of the cat’s meow.

  2. In the short story “The Balck Cat” by Edgar Alan Poe, the author tells a story about how his love for animal changed into hate. The hate leads him to do to inexplicable things to the cat and his wife.

  3. The Black cat by Edgar Allan Poe it’s a story which tells us about how was the story writer destroyed.
    He starts saying that he loved animals, specially pets. He got marry earlier, and he and his wife loved pets. So they bought several kinds of pets ( a goldfish, a dog, a cat, etc. ). Among all these animals, he loved the cat. He named it ” Pluto” . it was a dark and big cat, it used to dog him everytime and everywhere and he didn’t succed to stop it. When his behaviour changed, when he started drinking,the cat began to hate him,it used to run from him, so one day he took a knife and took out it’s eye. After that, the cat started to be afraid of him and it disappeared. The man felt so bad, and that cat was always in his mind. One day his house burnt, he thought about the cat as the cause of the burning. He felt so bad, as someone who commited a sin.
    Days passed, one day when he was drinking he found a similar cat. He took it to his house, his wife loved it, but he didn’t, because he discovered that the cat had one eye as Pluto. So one day he had a dream with it, what increased his hating. One day he took a knife and he tried to kill it, it was when his wife tried to stop him
    What left him more angry, so he ended up, instead of killing the cat, by killing his wife. After that he tried do hide his wife body near a wall, but later he was discovered by the policy.

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