The Black Cat – Read, Listen, and Discuss

We’re excited to be able to offer you an interactive multimedia online reading platform where you can read, listen, and discuss with other international avid readers.
Here’s the famous American short story, The Black Cat, by Edgar Allan Poe you’re encouraged to read, listen to, and discuss with others via our chat room and comments section below.

To begin, please ensure your computer audio volume is up, and then press “Play” on our audio player below.

Now, read along with the audio and think about the theme, characters, setting, and plot of the story as you are reading and listening.

Did you enjoy the short story? Share your thoughts and insights by discussing the story with the rest of the world via the comments section below. Thank you for your active reading and interaction.

One Reply to “The Black Cat – Read, Listen, and Discuss”

  1. This story is amazing. The storyteller was fantastastic!
    The laguage used by the author is not complex , the story is very easy to follow and it appeals to those human feeligs that sometimes we pretend to hide that´s why the characters have an impact in the reader. Reading aloud as an exercise is very funny because you think you speak in English (in an acceptable way) but then you realize you mispronounce some words. Thank you!

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