Advanced English Learners’ Digital Library

We are proud to have acquired licenses to offer Burlington English Digital Library to Advanced English Learners who wish to improve their English reading comprehension online.
The Burlington English Digital Library features multi-level books including fiction, non-fiction, and collections of short stories.
Each online course features texts where students can listen and read along, as well as participate in assessments and reading comprehension activities.
Here are the Advanced English Level texts included in the Burlington English Digital Library:

1. A Foreigner in Australia
2. The Last of the Mohicans
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. Two Shakespearean Tragedies
5. A Foreigner in New York
6. Washington Square

In order to best benefit from these texts, it is recommended that only Advanced English Learners read them. Please take a quick Online English Placement Test/Assessment to identify which English Level is the most accurate.

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