Welcome to Online Reading Club!

Welcome to Online Reading Club, where online reading, multimedia tools, and social networking transforms the act of reading into an interactive and intellectually-stimulating international online movement.

Online Reading Club aims to encourage reading and active discussions of reading texts for international readers of all backgrounds.  We include a variety of online reading courses, as well as numerous multimedia posts sharing a variety of literary genres both in text and audio forms.  Here you can read and listen to the audio version at the same time. In addition, there are various prompts for discussion that can be accessed via our comments and forum sections.  We also feature regular online reading chat sessions and various contests to help build our community.

While we will feature various literary genres of different reading levels here, our main audience is the international English Learner who wishes to improve reading skills and develop reading comprehension.  We feature 30 different online novels in the format of interactive online courses complete with multimedia and various online assessments.   In addition, we will share posts including literary texts, audio recordings, and literary videos.

Whether you’re an English Learner who is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, Online Reading Club aims to help you build and improve your reading skills.  If you’re a native English speaker, you’ll love the variety of reading materials and opportunities for interaction and assessment. Here you can rediscover your love for reading and connect with others who feel the same. Welcome aboard!

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