The Fall of the House of Usher: Read, Listen, and Discuss

We cordially invite you to read via our multimedia interactive online platform for reading and discussing text with the world. Here you can read, listen, and discuss Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, The Fall of the House of Usher. Now, get comfortable, sit down in a comfortable drink, get a delicious drink or snack ready.

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Now, read along with the audio, and think carefully about all of the elements of the story as you’re reading.

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The Black Cat – Read, Listen, and Discuss

We’re excited to be able to offer you an interactive multimedia online reading platform where you can read, listen, and discuss with other international avid readers.
Here’s the famous American short story, The Black Cat, by Edgar Allan Poe you’re encouraged to read, listen to, and discuss with others via our chat room and comments section below.

To begin, please ensure your computer audio volume is up, and then press “Play” on our audio player below.

Now, read along with the audio and think about the theme, characters, setting, and plot of the story as you are reading and listening.

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The Mask of the Red Death – Read, Listen, and Discuss

The Mask of the Red Death, an American Short story written by Edgar Allan Poe is an insightful story about the topics of life and death. Online Reading Club is happy to offer a multimedia reading and listening platform for avid readers who wish to read and discuss texts with others from all over the world.

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The Tell Tale Heart – Read, Listen, and Discuss

Welcome to Online Reading Club, where we use technology to make reading an interactive and transformative experience. Here is Edgar Allan Poe’s famous story, The Tell Tale Heart, shared both in text and audio formats, for the benefit of our members, visitors, and friends.

Here is the audio player containing the audio recording of The Tell Tale Heart short story. Turn on the audio volume, then click “Play” to listen to it.

Here’s the text of the short story, The Tell Tale Heart. You’re encouraged to read along with the audio and even take notes of interesting insights you gain from this story.

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