Raggedy Ann Stories – Introduction and Glossary

Are you a high-beginning level English Language Learner? Raggedy Ann Stories is a text just for you to improve your English reading, pronunciation, and writing skills. Although this text is geared for younger English Learners, you’re encouraged to study this and share these stories with young people you know, so that they learn English as well. 🙂

Raggedy Ann Stories, abridged and adapted from the original, contains 13 short stories about the classic rag doll and her friends. The text is accompanied by the original illustrations, a picture glossary, and questions to aid comprehension. The language has been simplified for high-beginning level English language learners (with vocabulary at the first 1000-word level) and is appropriate for young learners.

Before you begin reading Raggedy Ann Stories, as well as while you’re reading each of the 13 short stories, we encourage you to revisit this post which includes the picture glossary and audio recording of it so that you can increase your comprehension and improve your English vocabulary and knowledge of American English idioms.

Here is the picture glossary:

Here is the audio recording:

Did this glossary help you? Let us know in the comments section below which English words and American English Idioms you learned and found most helpful.